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Interim Pricing

UberBUSS : $1195.00

4 Modified Pass & Seymour 5362A Receptacles : Furutech FI-06NCF C14 power inlet

MiniBUSS : $329.00

3 Modified Pass & Seymour 5362A Receptacles : Furutech Gold Plated C14 power inlet

DigiBUSS : $499.00

3 Modified Pass & Seymour 5362A Receptacles : Furutech Rhodium Plated C14 power inlet

EuroBUSS : $1395.00USD Base Price

250VAC Rated.  Each EuroBUSS is quoted on an individual basis.  Please Inquire

Bespoke Cabling Solutions

Hand crafted cables. From power cables, interconnects digital cables and beyond.  Please Inquire

Other Services and Options Are Available

Let us know what you need.

Standard finish on the BUSS-Line products is a durable black textured finish.

USPS Priority Mail Shipping Extra

Acoustic Devices

P.I. Designed Acoustical Products

Diffusers for conventional and open baffle applications. Pricing varies per item.  Available either raw or painted at a modest cost.  Please Inquire or see our advertisement on Audiogon.  Representative - Greg Rael


All of our products are covered by a 100% 30 day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty on Materials and Construction