Sound Diffusors

AQD diffusers by PI AUDIO GROUP.
The price for two pairs of unpainted 2'x 4' AQD panels cost $160.00.
Price does not include shipping.

Two pairs of diffusers the benefit of two matched pairs is very beneficial when treating a room acoustically.
At least one matched pair can be used in the front center to create a front center image. The second pair and be used at the rear wall,behind and slightly angled when using open baffle speakers,or on the side walls combined with absorption panels.

ABB1dcs or  “Mr. T" by PI AUDIO GROUP.

These are exceptional diffusers and work great with open baffle speakers . These are the diffusers used at RMAF that won best sound by THE ABSOLUTE SOUND.
Cost for two pairs of 2'x4' unpainted diffusers $180.
Price does not include shipping