PI audio group is a different kind of company.

PI audio group products are the culmination of years of exhaustive research, doing the math and finally cut and try development that led to the mission of my company: bringing the highest performance products possible to market at the lowest possible price.

My name is Dave Elledge.  I am the chief designer, R&D team, plant manager, fabrication manager, and shipping and receiving manager.  All of the products available are designed, tested and (with the exception of the ABB and AQD Diffusers) are built and shipped by me.  Greg Rael handles the Acoustic treatment arm of PI audio group.

So what makes PI audio a group?  The group is you, Greg and I – the customer and the suppliers.  It is your needs and desires for quality audio products and my ability to design and build these products that makes PI audio group an innovative and reactive company producing audio devices that precisely meet your requirements.

While we offer off the shelf products like the extraordinary BUSS Line of power treatment filter/conditioners and MPC power cables, the majority of our business is designing and building bespoke products to meet the performance targets set by you for your unique requirements.  We have certain areas of specialization that share a common thread: reducing system noise to allow the subtleties and nuance that reside in microdynamics to flesh out the soundstage and unleash the small details that bring life to recorded performances.

Please take a look at the following pages.  Check out the categories and let your imagination run wild.  You will find that some of the products will be exactly what you need.  You may determine that you need something just a little or very different.  That is what makes PI audio group a different type of company.  Your needs can and will be addressed with exactly what you envision.  That is what we do.  Contact Greg or me and we can get started on refining your system to give you the performance you have dreamed about… affordably.